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Does ginger hair oil help with hair fall and promotes hair growth? I’ve been scouting out and tried handful of products but I don’t see any progress on my hair.
So I bought the rosemary and the peppermint oil for my hair, and wanted to know how many drops of each is best to mix together?
Does the rosemary oil make your hair greasy ? I have very fine blonde hair that I only wash 2-3 times a week. Hopefully this oil will not make my hair stringy and greasy looking ?!
Does the Turmeric Oil for face leave a stain on clothing and on your pillow if you leave on overnight
Can the Rosemary and Ginger oils be mixed together?
I wanted to know if it was alright to use the eucalyptus oil as a leave it on my wash days since it keeps my scalp clean and hair moisturized
Hi Just wondering if you should wet hair and scalp before oiling or apply oils to dry scalp? Any advise?
What is the ratio of peppermint oil to carrier oil in your peppermint hair oil product?
Hi Guys, Any suggestions on which oil can help in reducing breakage and thinning. I use only pure coconut oil for my hair. However, I don't see any difference. It's summer right now in my place, with temperatures rising up to 50 degrees. Hair comes very rough, dull and easily breakout. Suggestions are welcome.
I've been dyeing my hair for years now and it's starting to take a toll on my hair, I'm 27 and hair is a bit longer than shoulder-length, thin and curlyish. Ive noticed a lot of breakage at the ends but also in the middle of the strands, and it gets thinner on certain parts. I see all hair oils are nourishing but I'm hoping someone can shed some light on any that really showed results quickly? Specially for my type of hair.
Also, if you can share some results. That'll be nice too.!
I want to try the hair oils for my hair for thinning/shedding. Many of the oils have 'promoting hair growth' as a benefit, and I was thinking of buying a couple and mixing them to get the most effect. Has anyone tried “cocktailing” of 2 or 3 different oils? Also lookng for suggestions as to which combinations work best
I’m having a hard time choosing which oil to get for my hair loss. I've noticed that my hair is thinning and falling out a lot more than usual. I can’t decided between castor oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil. I was hoping for some insight on which would be best?
Do you always put face oils on top of moisturizer if using both? What about a) mixing it in with your moisturizer or b) putting it on first? Or maybe first of all, can I even use these oils during the day? It says nighttime use but idk.
Anyone else have skin that just does not like oils? Every one I've tried gives me congestion and blackheads. Which is too bad because my skin is dry af in the winter :(
Hi, I have super sensitive skin, even to some natural oils. Grapeseed and avocado oil have irritated my skin, so I am always a little cautious about trying something new. What can I use for helping with dry patches without getting red and irritated? Thanks!
Can I use these oils on the body?