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I’m having a hard time choosing which oil to get for my hair loss. I've noticed that my hair is thinning and falling out a lot more than usual. I can’t decided between castor oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil. I was hoping for some insight on which would be best?
Do you always put face oils on top of moisturizer if using both? What about a) mixing it in with your moisturizer or b) putting it on first? Or maybe first of all, can I even use these oils during the day? It says nighttime use but idk.
Anyone else have skin that just does not like oils? Every one I've tried gives me congestion and blackheads. Which is too bad because my skin is dry af in the winter :(
Hi, I have super sensitive skin, even to some natural oils. Grapeseed and avocado oil have irritated my skin, so I am always a little cautious about trying something new. What can I use for helping with dry patches without getting red and irritated? Thanks!
Can I use these oils on the body?