Any recommendation to stop Hair Thinning and Fall out.

Hi Guys, Any suggestions on which oil can help in reducing breakage and thinning. I use only pure coconut oil for my hair. However, I don't see any difference. It's summer right now in my place, with temperatures rising up to 50 degrees. Hair comes very rough, dull and easily breakout. Suggestions are welcome.

I’d definitely recommend their Rosemary Oil, I recommend it to everyone lol. I have blonde and very very thin hair, and its been hard to find a product thats not too harsh and is completely natural and safe; I’m VERY careful with what I put in my hair. The rosemary definitely woke up and cleansed my scalp which I think is the main effect that helps hair grow. And if you’re looking for something to use during summer I’d say it’s a good purchase since it’s super refreshing! :)

I just bought a few hair oils to try. Do we have to dilute the oils? or can. we apply. it straight out of the bottle to scalp? How long do you. leave it on? Thank you

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