Can I use these oils on the body?

Can I use these oils on the body?

I’ve been using the maracuja Face oil for my face as well as my body and I havent had any problem! Its super hydrating, although I’d say avoid it if your skin is naturally oily. Mine’s had great results so far, i apply it at night before bed and by morning its all been absorbed

Yes! I actually use the Maracuja Face oil for tanning, amazing results!! Obvsly use spf first. The oil helps my tan and moisturizes at the same time

Yes is safe. I have a medical massage practice and I only use the best, natural ingredients for my clients. I’ve been using the Allpa face/body oils for over a year now and have had great results. The favorites in my practice are the eucalyptus , grape seed , lavender and rosemary

Thank you!

My all time favorite is regular Jojoba Oil. I can put it on dry hair on my face, on my legs…I use it for everything! It makes my curls perfectly defined without being weighed down at all.

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