How many times you've purchased from this online store, and what did you order?

Also, if you can share some results. That'll be nice too.!

My first purchase was a couple of the smaller sizes to see which one my skin reacted best to. I stuck with the Maracuja Oil (for both face and hair) because I really did see improvement quickly! My face is quite rgeasy and I get acne year-round. I live in miami so its super humid and not good for my skin. But I started using the maracuja eery night and its gotten a LOT better; skin is clearer, better texture and the oiliness is gone. I bought first time I think about a year ago almost, and my skin has stayed pretty consistently good. I recommend if you have oily skin ;)

Fourth purchase of rosemary hair oil.It has really helped with my hair loss. If you want a recommendation I’d suggest buying in the smaller sizes, so when you start to run out you buy a new bottle; keeps what you use fresh and potent instead of having one big bottle in your stock for too long.

Found this brand thanks to a friend of mine who recommended their rosemary oil. Its very refreshing and hydrating, I usually use it about once a week just to give my hair anextra boost! Im on my second bottle

third buy, smaller size, the turmeric face oil

helped with my breakouts on my chin and hairline

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