Is my skin just NOT oil-friendly?

Anyone else have skin that just does not like oils? Every one I've tried gives me congestion and blackheads. Which is too bad because my skin is dry af in the winter :(

Same. Every one i’ve tried all just sit on top of my skin, it’s like my pores reject oil. Also never fails to give me little white heads. I haven’t tried Allpa oils yet, but my friend recommended them and I’m considering giving it a try. When I do I’ll come back to this post and let you know the results! ;)

I’m super oily, but have been using the maracuja oil from all winter. It’s definitely helped combat the dryness that comes when it gets cold and I haven’t had any extra breakouts from it. and tbh my skin doesn’t feel as oily as before, sounds counterintuitive but the oil halped with my greasyness!

Just bought the sacha inchi oil, seems to be working well. Absorbs really well. I have oily skin and small wrinkles

I’ve been using the Lemongrass Face Oil and it is phenomenal so far. I love it. I’ve used a ton of oils in past (I have mixed type skin so they’re my holy grail) and yet this one still stands out to me. Defiintely recommend it for any skin type! It’s the first I’ve tried that really doesn’t leave any residue and zero side effects.

Thank youu Lisa! I purchased the lemongrass and lavender in the smallest size to give it a try. Hopefully my skin takes it!

Grapeseed oil is a MUST for the oily-skin folk. It’s absolutely life-changing. Every friend I’ve turned to grapeseed oil will back me up on this!

Agreed! I actually use it for taking my makeup off/cleansing every evening – I love it! :)

I’m not oily but I love the allpa grapeseed oil. It just works to keep acne and blackheads at bay

MARACUJA OIL! I have alwayss had very oily skin and it’s been the bane of my existence since forever. I thought oils didn’t make any sense but I read an intothegloss post about how oils actually balance your skin out and ends up controlling it better. First oil I bought from allpa was the Maracuja and I haven’t switched since! Reallyy recommend for all fellow oily-faced friends out there.

Tarte Maracuja oil vs Allpa? Anyone used both that can give an honest comparison?

I’ve used the Tarte Maracuja Oil before but spending $50 each time was becoming ridiculous. I knew I loved what maracuja did for my skin and the Allpa one was a great product, and at a lower price!! Felt smoother and smelled better too

I’m a huge fan of lavender oil. My skin always looks plumped and clear in the morning.

Agreed! I lovee the Allpa Lavender

I have cystic hormonal acne and lots of red acne pigmentation and literally the biggest help with it all is the turmeric oil. It’s rich but light at the same time, makes my skin so calm and happy.

Just avoid the heavier oils like Olive and castor. Ive been using the almond oil and it’s done wonders on my skin. And if I need something heavy duty I always use Josie Maran Infinity Cream.

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