Sensitive skin -- suggestions??

Hi, I have super sensitive skin, even to some natural oils. Grapeseed and avocado oil have irritated my skin, so I am always a little cautious about trying something new. What can I use for helping with dry patches without getting red and irritated? Thanks!

I’d say stay away from oils that have a powerful scent and stick to some liek Almond or Argan. I use the Almond and it’s a very light and subtle oil that I feel does the job! Anyway all these oils are naturally scented so I don’t think they should cause any reactions, but to stay on the safe side I’d say use one of those softer ones

Agreed! I love the Almond one

Have yuo tried the Allpa grapeseed one tho? Because I use that one and I havent had any problems and I have sensitive skin too.

No.. I wanted to do some research first. I used the Shea Moisture one.

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