Suggestions on mixing oils for hair growth

I want to try the hair oils for my hair for thinning/shedding. Many of the oils have 'promoting hair growth' as a benefit, and I was thinking of buying a couple and mixing them to get the most effect. Has anyone tried “cocktailing” of 2 or 3 different oils? Also lookng for suggestions as to which combinations work best

It isn’t a problem, since you’re just combining diff oils for more benefits. What I usually do is buy the 2ounce olive oil and use it as a base, and mix in a separate container the olive with one of the more aromatic oils, like lavender or rosemary. It makes a nice, thicker oil and i use it to sleep once a week; try a cocktail with oils that have the benefits that work for your hair and mix with a nice thicker oil!

if you think about it most brands cocktail. Their stuff is basically a couple of drops of a bunch of oils. That’s why I like the Allpa oils; you know exactly what you’re putting in your hair and what benefits each ingredient has! I think its better to just stick to one so you know how your hair reacts.

Try ginger+turmeric oil. Nice refreshing smell and is super invigorating !

YES. Done this since day 1.

Rosemary and peppermint is THE go to for growing stronger hair. Mine was really thin and always falling out in my hands but its got a lot better. Mix equal amounts and leave it in a bun overnight! Success!

If you don’t mind the stickyness of Castor Oil, i’d say its your best bet to use as a base for cocktailing with any other oil. It’ll be a bit of a challenge to apply but its worth it! Definitely see growth, i use castor with a few drops of peppermint on my eyebrows and theyve grown in ridiculously fast. Like 3 weeks and I can see major improvement

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