What's the best oil for hair growth?

I’m having a hard time choosing which oil to get for my hair loss. I've noticed that my hair is thinning and falling out a lot more than usual. I can’t decided between castor oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil. I was hoping for some insight on which would be best?

I had the same question, and I wrote to Allpa’s customer service for advice. Nicolle was so nice and helpful, she guided me through what would be best and asked me a bunch of questions about my hair type and troubles. She recommended the Rosemary Hair oil, and I’ve never looked back! I’ve used up three bottles and my hair is soo thick and shinny now. It really grew a lot faster than it usually does and aa lot healthier. Definitely recommend it. hope this helps!

Castor oil has worked great for me. Also for lashes and myeyebrows

OMG I am too and no lie I can see my eyebrows growing! i have virtually no eyebrows except for a few hairs, and i’m definitely seeing baby hairs growing !! So excited, will definitely be posting my before/after pics in a couple of months

I’ve been using the turmeric oil since like 3 months ago- I’m on my second bottle. Don’t know if it’s actually helping “grow my hair”, but it’s definitely making it stronger and healthier, which I guess is why I’m seeing less fallout! I’d recommend it if you’re having hair loss. My hair is curly and shoulder length.

Rosemary oil has worked for me so far. It’s very fresh and invigoriating and its definitely growing faster than before.

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