What's the best way of applying oils?

Do you always put face oils on top of moisturizer if using both? What about a) mixing it in with your moisturizer or b) putting it on first? Or maybe first of all, can I even use these oils during the day? It says nighttime use but idk.

Independent of any solid reasoning, I use all three methods you listed, but my favorite is mixing oil with the moisturizer. I have very dry skin all yyear round so I don’t have any problem with greasiness, but test it first depending on what type of skin you have. I use the Eucalyptus Oil night and day and mix it with my Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturizer and its been wonderful! Just if you’re going to use in daytime remember to apply sunscreen before the oil or anything else.

How much oil do you mix with the moisturizer? I googled it but i guess it depends on the moisturizer.. I use La Roche Posay face cream.

I put 3-4 drops in a dime-sized blot of moisturizer. It’s usually enough to blend really well and it makes it smell delicious!

thx so much!

I only use oils as my moisturizer itself. The maracuja face oil absorbs really well into my skin and I don’t feel any need to put any other cream. I ususlly use a couple of drops before applying makeup and it holds beautifully!

My “oil” routine is:in the morning I apply few drops of pure argan oil as a serum and them I apply my moisturizer. When I buy the argan oil I mix it with the lavender face oil in the bottle to give it a nice smell and also for more benefits.


So, I did kind of research this a couple of years ago when I started using oil. If you’re oily, it’s probably best to use an oil as a standalone moisturizer or before you use an additional moisturizer.

If you’re dry, using it AFTER moisturizer acts as an occlusive and helps hold moisture in the skin.

And, if you have normal skin (or you’re being a little lazy), you can use it as a booster and mix a few drops in with your moisturizer.

Oh and my personal recommendation is the Allpa Maracuja Face oil. I used to use the Tarte one but this Allpa one is soo much smoother and you can really tell its organic. Smells delicious and soothing and I love using it during the day

I’ve started putting just jojoba oil on my face right after washing, beneath my sunscreen/moisturizer. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my skin in my entire life!

It honestly doesnt matter how you apply; your skin will absorb it either way. The only thing you have to remember is that oil is less dense than water; if your face is wet the oil won’t be ableto get through to ur skin. Make sure your skin is always dry before you pat on the oil!

same goes for hair

So for scalp treatment it’s best to apply on dry scalp?

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