Your Hair Is Considerably Damaged

Uh oh— looks like your hair has been struggling to survive through daily heat styling and hair coloring, and the overexposure is finally taking its toll. Your hair can’t take the heat, literally, and is probably lacking moisture and protein, which is what’s causing your hair to be dull, breaking and in some cases excessive shedding. You’ve got a lot of work to do here, but hope is not lost.

First of all, the most important step is to give your hair an intensive repair treatment to begin the healing process. Maracuja hair oil is our go-to product, for this, as it tackles every problem in the book by deeply restoring nutrients, moisture and strength and will jumpstart your journey to healthier, beautiful hair.

Maracuja Hair Oil

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After a good deep conditioning regimen, start getting into the habit of going for regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks to get rid of split ends. Then take a look at the usual suspects known to strip the life out of your strands — like too much blow-drying — and devise a healthier regimen that you can stick to. Be patient; stronger care takes some serious dedication!