Your Hair Is Somewhat Damaged

Your hair is in need of a bit of love. There’s nothing wrong with picking up that curling iron to create the perfect waves or getting a few highlights, but chances are it’s caused your hair to lose some of its elasticity and moisture, which can be due to the excessive heat, frequent chemical treatments, or simply forgetting to deep condition.

Try and cut back on a few of those unhealthy habits and pay some more attention to what your hair needs. Get a trim every so often, air dry your hair more, and start using a hat to the beach. Most of all, get in the habit of deep conditioning your hair.

Maracuja hair oil does wonders for repairing dry and breaking hair, specially if you aren't willing to forgoe your curling iron. Use a maracuja hair oil 2 or 3 times a week to renourish your hair back to health, lock in moisture and repair split ends.

Maracuja Hair Oil

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