Why Allpa

We are an ingredient focused skin and hair care company. What this means is that we are fully committed to delivering high quality, pure products that pay homage to the ingredients they encompass.

Pure & 100% Organic

Each ingredient is carefully selected by its potency and healing properties, naturally sourced and extracted to preserve all its natural beneficial qualities. We believe in a 100% natural process, from beginning to end.

No Artificial Additives

All of our ingredients are born in the ground, not in test tubes; they do not contain any fillers, water, preservatives, artificial fragrances nor coloring of any kind.

Our oils are pure and unadulterated, delivering pure and honest results without compromising your health.

Ethically Sourced

We keep a close relationship with our suppliers in Ecuador, following each step of the process to make sure our ingredients are always ethically handled—and that those who handle them are well taken care of, too.

All of our ingredients are handpicked by Ecuadorian farmers from natural crops all over the Andean region, and are harvested in small batches to ensure their quality and freshness.

Cruelty Free

Created and tested by us, on real people— never on animals.