Jojoba Face Oil

Jojoba Face Oil


Pure, organic, cold-pressed jojoba oil hand-picked from farming crops in the semi-desert region of Argentinean.


  • Balancing oil production
  • Calming acne-prone skin
  • Healthy, radiant complexion
  • Deeply moisturizing

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Balances oil production

Being of a similar structure to sebum, the skin responds to it by reducing its natural sebum production in the sebaceous glands of the T-zone.

Soothes acne-prone skin

Jojoba’s antibacterial properties work to cleanse and unclog pores, reducing blemishes and inflammation.

Promotes a glowing complexion

High concentrations of Vitamin A and E deeply nourish and plump skin for a more radiant and glowing complexion.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Before going to bed, apply 2-10 drops to moist, clean face and neck. Gently massage with fingertips to evenly distribute over skin and allow deeper penetration into pores. Leave overnight and wash off the next morning with a soft, neutral soap.

Use 3-4 times a week to maintain skin balance.

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)

One Natural Ingredient

No need for a long list of complicated ingredients; we don't have one. All our oils are made out of only one pure, natural ingredient; no stabilizers, fillers or artificial ingredients of any kind are added to our oils.

Pure & Organic

Born in the ground, not in test tubes. Completely non-toxic and natural ingredients ethically harvested by local farmers.

Bottled 24 Hours Prior to Shipping

All our botanicals are hand crafted in small batches and bottled 24 hours prior to shipping to ensure optimal quality and freshness.


Submitted May 11, 2018


Great hydrator and brightening.

Good purchase

Submitted May 3, 2018


Bought and been using for two months and really feel my skin plumper and smoother.

Works well on acne

Submitted May 2, 2018


It helped my pimple problem!The redness was the biggest issue and it really soothed my skin.


Submitted Apr 29, 2018


Really like using this, use it almost every night and it really does keep your skin frmo getting greasy!

More than 5 stars!

Submitted Apr 27, 2018


I love the Allpa facial oils. I was skeptical at first when told to use oil on my face but I'm a total convert! Looks 100% brighter and healthier and super light.

Simple and effective

Submitted Apr 22, 2018


Its just one ingredient in all its natural glory, and it works! My face feels so fresh and healthy, its amazing!

Good for oiliness

Submitted Apr 20, 2018


I have oily skin but I use oils all the time. It evens skin, makes it healthy looking and glowing.

Very recommended

Submitted Apr 11, 2018


Love it!

A Must have

Submitted Apr 10, 2018


My #1 beauty must have for radiant, hydrated, glowing, even skin.

Great oil!

Submitted Apr 6, 2018


I’ve tried a lot of oils and this one wins for now. Depends what are you looking for: it's a boost of vitamins to your skin rather than acne treatment!