Lavender Hair Oil

Lavender Hair Oil


Pure, organic, cold-pressed lavender oil hand-picked from crops in the Andean highlands.


  • Promoting hair growth
  • Boosting shine
  • Conditioning/softening
  • Intensive hydration

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Stimulates hair growth

Lavender oil stimulates hair follicles by improving circulation to the scalp, instantly soothing itchiness and reducing hair loss.

Conditions and softens

Frequently used in shampoos and conditioners, lavender is known for deeply nourishing and hydrating hair, improving its softness and overall health.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Apply a generous amount to clean, dry hair and comb through to distribute product evenly. Massage into scalp for scalp stimulation.

For deep nourishment, leave overnight then rinse thoroughly or wash with regular shampoo and conditioner.

Repeat this process 2-3 times a week for one month and less frequently as hair’s health returns.

Lavender (Lavandula)

One Natural Ingredient

No need for a long list of complicated ingredients; we don't have one. All our oils are made out of only one pure, natural ingredient; no stabilizers, fillers or artificial ingredients of any kind are added to our oils.

Pure & Organic

Born in the ground, not in test tubes. Completely non-toxic and natural ingredients ethically harvested by local farmers.

Bottled 24 Hours Prior to Shipping

All our botanicals are hand crafted in small batches and bottled 24 hours prior to shipping to ensure optimal quality and freshness.


Submitted May 13, 2018


Lov elove the smell and the softness the next day! Whenever I have plans I make sure to sleep with htis oil in through the night and the next morning my hair stays sleek and beautifull all day! It’s my go-to beauty hack!


Submitted May 10, 2018


Good product, dont really use any other and this seems like the way to go. Will keep using.


Submitted May 2, 2018


I like this oil because it has a nice smell and feels fresh, not like other hair products that leave your hair smelly and damp. Very hydrating and softening!


Submitted Apr 22, 2018


Yes I recommend this oil, nice and light and doesn’t feel greasy at all.

In love!

Submitted Apr 20, 2018


Its a great product for after showering and if you want to pamper your hair once a week. Very hydrating and soothing


Submitted Apr 15, 2018


I love love this oil! I’ve tried a couple of allpa products but lavender is my favorite, the smell is heavenyl and leaves my hair so nice and soft! Great brand!


Submitted Apr 14, 2018


helps hair growth. Smells nice.

Helps hair growth

Submitted Apr 12, 2018


Its not a miraculous product that will make your hair grow like crazy, but it helps your scalp free up and grow naturally. After two month of use I really see that my hair is growing nicely!

Very good and smells great!

Submitted Apr 4, 2018


Great oil for every day use

Love this product

Submitted Apr 4, 2018


Left my hair soft and shiny


Submitted Apr 1, 2018


Lovely smell and feels great on my scalp. After a shower the next morning my hair still smelled great and was so soft! Love it!