Peppermint Hair Oil

Peppermint Hair Oil

Organic, cold-pressed peppermint oil hand-picked from farms in the Andean highlands.

Perfect For

  • Stimulating hair growth
  • Soothing itchy scalp
  • Cleansing and refreshing
  • Intensively hydrating

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Peppermint (Mentha spicata)

Part Used

Fresh leaves



Harvested In



Stimulates healthy hair growth

Menthol helps invigorate and increase circulation in hair follicles, stimulating natural hair growth.

Soothes dry, itchy scalp

The menthol in peppermint also produces a cooling sensation that helps refresh and sooth itchiness.

Cleanses and refreshes

Its distinct cooling and vasodilating properties make peppermint oil an invigorating and refreshing scalp treatment.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Allpa Botanicals’ Difference

Our infused Peppermint Oil is ready to use, 100% natural and safe for direct application on hair and skin.

Our oils are already combined with our special carrier blend of Sacha Inchi, Maracuja and Castor. Each blend is unique to its featured ingredient, making it the perfect custom carrier for each of our oils’ specific properties.

How To Use

Apply a few drops and massage into hair ends for shine, frizz control and hydration. As a mask treatment, apply a generous amount to clean, dry hair and leave in overnight; then rinse or wash out gently with regular shampoo.

For hair growth and scalp care, use dropper to apply oil directly onto scalp and massage gently. Leave in overnight then rinse or wash out with care.

Can be used daily. Use at least 2-3 times a week and less frequently as hair’s health returns.

For external use only.

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